UPS Batteries

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Unlike a UPS, generators will NOT protect against power problems. So yes, you do need a UPS.

Power problems can take a blow on any company, big or small. Your PCs, servers, and network are just as critical as a large data center. Without proper protection, power problems can be costly, causing blows to your company’s reputation, goodwill, and sales.

A surge protector provides just surge protection. However, a UPS provides surge protection IN ADDITION TO regulating incoming voltage and providing battery backup (in case if a power failure occurs).

Fiber Optics

Corning, Belden, Commscope, Panduit, Leviton, Siemon

Yes; fiber optics have greater bandwidth and lower attenuation, which allows for longer distances and more channels per fiber pair. Fiber optics are more than 100 times farther and 1000 times faster!